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preliminary survey results from the N/S E-consultation research project.

Seminar at 1200 on 10 Nov. 2004

Michael Murray and Dr. Honor Fagan of NUI Maynooth have been carrying out a survey of consultation techniques in Ireland, north and south. Local authorities, both north and south, have run 20 to 80 consultations in the past 3 years.

Their preliminary findings, part of a joint N-S research project on e-consultation, will be presented by Michael Murray and two of the researchers at QUB, Michele Smyth and Dr. David Newman, together with an overview of the next phases of the research, including experiments in electronic public consultation.

Date: 10th November 2004
Venue: Seminar Room 1, Institute of Governance, 63 University Road
Time: 1200-1400

Sandwiches will be available at 1200.

Please RSVP to