E-consultation tests in Ireland

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Overview of Tests

We also are running a few tests of our own on e-consultation technologies, trying out things that we couldn't do in the scope of the trial consultations.

Purpose and Contribution of our Tests

We were interested in designing our own tests to explore two key issues:

  1. Is it possible to design e-consultation technologies and processes that can be used even by those with literacy difficulties who are a challenging group for both e-consultation and traditional consultations?
  2. How can a range of technologies be used to get creative input from groups who do not normally respond to consultations, such as school children?

These tests helped us, the research team, understand two things:

  1. Understand the institutional factors that affected the implementation of econsultation,
  2. Explore the full potential of radically new technologies and processes.

Further Research Needed

Since these tests, conducted at the end of our project’s time frame, we can only present a demonstration of their potential.

Further research is needed on all of these issues:

  • consultations that cross the digital divide,
  • integrating technologies in innovative consultation processes, and,
  • engaging youth in e-consultation.