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This is a page for external references that haven't yet found a home elsewhere on this site.

Good practice

E-consultation guides & other useful sources of information

  • Code of Practice on written Consultation []
  • Community Consultation Best Practice (range of international links) [1]
  • The Audit Commission (UK) Listen up! Effective community Consultation [2]
  • 21 Common e-consultation Mistakes [3]
  • The Practice of Online Consultation:Process Models and Case Studies [4]
  • Designing and managing e-consultation processes [5]
  • E-participation & The Future of democracy [6]
  • E-consultation & E-participation Learning from [7]
  • Coleman, S., Hall, N. and Howell, M. (2002) Hearing Voices: The experience of online public consultation and discussions in UK governance. London: Hansard Society.
  • Morison, J. and Newman, D.R. (2001) ‘On-line citizenship: Consultation and participation in New Labour’s Britain and beyond’, International Review of Law Computers & Technology, 15(2): 171-194.
  • NEW (July 2007)

Smith, E. and Macintosh, A. (2007); 'Existing E-Participation Practices with relevance to WEB.DEP'; Internal report prepared for the WEB.DEP Consortium. [8] [9]

  • World Development Report 2007 - Development and the next generation: [10]